8th edition: July 25 - August 11

organized by Tango Natural –
organizers of Belgrade Tango Encuentro, New Year’s Belgrade Tango Marathon,
Belgrade Tango Weekends, and co-organizers of Bratislava Tango Festival

kids and pets friendly


Summer Tango Camp – Kolašin, Montenegro is an almost-free event for all those who love tango, mountains, adventures and having a fun time!

During cca 20days, the event gathers hundreds of participants from all over the globe who get to share tango and other body-and-soul related programmes, along with lots of outdoor activities, fresh mountain air, good countryside food and comfortable apartments/hotel rooms!

You can choose the dates of your arrival/departure – arrange your own tango retreat!


We recommend the minimum of three days that will grasp the collage of all activities. Most of experienced tangueros-camperos visit for a week, but there are more and more of them staying for the whole duration of the camp!

Due to the large number of registrations, some days of the camp and some types of accommodation are no longer available.

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The main idea of the camp is to combine on a daily basis in a harmonic way all types of tango and non-tango activities with a rich offer and numerous opportunities which the town of Kolašin and the surrounding nature can offer.

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The standard event’s programme:

  • group tango classes for all levels (from complete beginners’ to advanced l.)

  • tango technique classes

  • tango aerobics classes

  • practicas/practicalongas

  • milongas (both indoors and outdoors)

  • tango karaoke

  • live concerts of Tanguango orchestra

  • couple performances

  • yoga

  • bodywork classes in nature

  • chacarera/argentine zamba classes

  • dance workshops for kids

  • lake tours and water activities

  • field trips

  • hiking tours

  • archery

  • cycling tours

  • sport climbing

  • horseback riding

  • spa

  • adventure park

Of course, all guests are free to use all the other tourist offers which they find on their own, such as rafting in the Tara river, jeep safari, speleology, and other tourist tours. For a really good experience of the nature, we recommend the Explorer tourist agency.

10% discount for all the offers
20% discount for the new Adventure park (50% on Mondays)

The detailed schedule of activities cannot be given due to possible changes in weather conditions which could impact the time of the outdoor activities. The exact schedule of the next three days is always available timely.

Leisure time!

Don’t worry! You can also choose to spend some leisure time or simply be lazy – you can always count on company for badminton and frisbee, playing cards, star-gazing, jam sessions, or just chilling in the fresh air.


The participation fee* for this year’s edition will be:

  • If you are staying 1-4 days – 6 € per day regular price / 3 € per day reduced price

  • If you are staying 5-7 days – 5 € per day regular price / 2.5 € per day reduced price

  • If you are staying 8 days or more – 4 € per day regular price / 2 € per day reduced price

Reduced price is valid for the youth under age of 26 and retirees.


*The daily fee includes all events for the day except for horseback riding, adventure park, cycling and spa. For some outdoor activities we will all chip in for expenses such as transportation expenses, ski-lift charge, national park entrance fee, etc.

**Whoever shows up without previous registration will be paying a significantly higher fee of 10 eur per day!

Registration for the event via website is obligatory!

Registration started on Monday, May 22.

Attention! Regarding payment (on the spot) We kindly ask you to register only and solely for the days that you can safely plan to spend in the tango camp. Your registration is important so that we can have a clear picture on how many people will be participating at any moment of the event, which means that every unrealized booked day can cause no possibility of participation for someone else. This is why the payment (done on the spot!) needs to be compatible with the original registration, while we can tolerate payments for one day less (compared to original registration) for registrations made for up to 5 days, two days less for registrations made for up to 10 days, and 3 days less for registrations made for more than 10 days.

If you want our help in finding a cheaper accommodation, please register until June 25! After that date, you will be booking your accommodation on your own and for a bit more expensive (but still affordable price), through a new web-site that will be available soon.

Detailed info and instructions on registration for both the event and the accommodation can be found here.


The Tara River Canyon at its deepest is around 1,300 meters (4,300 feet) deep, which makes this canyon one of the deepest in the world. The canyon stretch within Montenegro is protected as a part of Durmitor National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Being one of the top cleanest rivers in Europe, Tara River is known as “The tear of Europe”.

The Biogradska Gora is a forest and a national park in Montenegro within Kolašin municipality. It is the site of one of the last three virgin forests in Europe. The landscape is one of mountain ridges, glacial lakes, and temperate forest. It is a unique geomorphological region with diverse flora and fauna but also a place rich with cultural and historic heritage.

The town of Kolašin is situated in the zone of dense and well-preserved beech forests that are listed within the habitats of NATURA 2000 (the EU ecological network that envelops the territories important for preservation of endangered flora and fauna). Worth of noting are floodplain forests along Tara river and its tributaries and  forests of endemic pine trees (Pinus Heldreichii at Komovi mountain, Pinus peuce at Bjelasica mountain around Pešići lake).

The road from the capital Podgorica to Kolašin is 72km long (cca 75min journey by car/train), and the difference in the altitude between those two towns in unbelievably large – around 900m (Podgorica’s altitude is cca 50m, Kolašin’s altitude is cca 950m). Both the road and the railway are quite interesting because they run within the Morača River Canyon with its breath-taking landscape. – If you go by car, please be careful!


In the 2017 edition, cca 700 visitors came to the camp.
People from over 25 countries worldwide visited the camp during its 17 days.
The average stay is 9 days.
15 kids from abroad and dozens kids from Montenegro were participants of the 2016 edition.
Over 50 new-comers make their first tango steps at the special classes for complete beginners every year.

Let’s embrace (in) the mountains!


Ovogodišnje izdanje Ljetnjeg tango kampa realizovano je uz podršku Opštine Kolašin i Ministarstva sporta republike Crne Gore.



Darko Dožić – before camp: +38163342155 during camp: +382679190324
Duško Raketić – +38268644499

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