Accommodation and Registration

…whether you want our help in finding cheaper accommodation or you want to book it by yourself.
Please keep in mind that just a part of apartments are listed on internet which is why we provide our help.

In case you want our help, please register until June 25!

Sleep tight in the starry night!



1) If you had registered until June 25, you will get offered options for accommodation until July 3 the latest, probably earlier.
We kindly ask you to be AVAILABLE these days via your phone/Viber/Whatsapp/e-mail, so that we would not think that you are not interested in getting the accommodation anymore.

Those who registered after June 25 will receive the information whether we can find an adequate accommodation or not by July 3 the latest.

2) Unevitably, we will not be able to find the accommodation with provided internet for everyone who asked for it, since this option was requested by virtually everybody!

It should not be forgotten that all activities are organized in such a way that you all can have your afternoon rest before evening milonga, and that the taxi fee for the furthest apartments would be around 2 euros. There is an extra quality to those apartments that are further away (up to 2km from the center): beautiful nature all around.

Last year’s edition brought 700 people to the mountains during the 20 days of the camp. We are looking forward to this year’s numbers!


If you want to search for private accommodation on your own, choose

Special offer only for Camp participants by our partner: Four Points by Sheraton

Hotel rooms

For a 3nights-minimum:

Premium or standard twin room (2 separate beds) – 80€ per room per night (for 2 people).
Premium double room (single king-size bed) – 60€ per room per night (for 1 person).

Junior /Junior Classic Apartments:

The apartments are spacious, modern, and equipped: 36m2, the living room with a sofa, flat-screen TV with satellite channels , office desk, mini-bar; the sleeping room with another flat-screen TV and chairs; the bathroom with a shower, hair-dryer, complimentary bathroom supplies.

For a 3nights-minimum:
For 2 people + 1extra bed for an adult/a child – 120€ per night (for 1–3 people)

The price includes:

  • Breakfast and dinner

  • Sauna, gym, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi

  • Wi-fi and parking

  • Complimentary bottle of water, tea and coffee per person per day (in the room)

*The price doesn’t include the tourist tax with the insurance which is 1,30€ per room per night.

Reservations at:

*When reserving, please remember to note that you are the Summer Tango Camp participant.


Do not forget to register for the Camp!



All who want our help in finding a cheaper accommodation need to register until June 25! 

As the experienced tango campers know 🙂 , this is a good quality accommodation for which we have arranged cheaper prices with the owners who wish to nurture long-term cooperation with the tango camp.

In the case of timely registration, we will most probably find you an adequate accommodation and contact you until June 30.

Even though we have so far succeeded in finding accommodation for everyone, we expect a huge interest for this year’s edition, which means that there is a possibility for some dates to be fully booked. For this reason, please help us by writing down some alternative dates in case that you are flexible with planning your vacation. In case that in the moment of your registration the camp is full for the dates you are interested for, we will offer you some alternative, less crowded dates.

If you do not register until June 25 but later (as registration for the event is obligatory), you will be booking accommodation on your own and for a bit more expensive (but still affordable price), through a new web-site that will be available soon.

We have to warn you that this option is risky since the most of apartments are not listed on internet which is why we provide our help.


  1. If you ask for our help in finding an accommodation, you are obligated not to search for it at the same time by yourself, since that may result with investing considerable efforts in vain and disrupting our relations with the accommodation owners.

  2. If we are helping you with finding an accommodation, you must be sure that you will attend the event and that you will not do last-minute cancellations or changes, in order to avoid causing damage to the accommodation owners (whose cooperation with the tango camp  is based upon trust) and affecting unfavorably our relations with them.


14-20 € for single bed rooms,

8-13 € for double rooms,

7-10 € for triple bed rooms,

6-9 € for those with more beds.

*These are the prices in case you are staying for a minimum of 5 days.

Also, there are plenty of apartments with three and more beds with a higher price based on its quality, location, etc.

In some cases, in coordination with you, perhaps we will have to deviate a little from the announced prices and adjust to the situation in the field. This happens rarely and the deviations are small, however it’s better to point out such a possibility.

If you ask for an accommodation in the center of town and with provided internet (in all cases), or a kitchen (in accommodations with 1,2 or 3 beds), its price will be higher. Please do not require everything for the cheapest price. 🙂

In almost all cases, the accommodation is to be paid directly to the owner. You will pay for the accommodation to us only when the owner is not in town, when it’s previously agreed so.


  • There is a very limited number of those accommodations with single and 2 beds (and a slightly limited number of accommodations with 3 beds), so it is the hardest for us to guarantee that we are going to find them. Thus, if you are registering for accommodation with single or double bedroom, please point out in your registration form if you are willing to share a room with other camp participants or if you are okay with having a separate room in the accommodation with other tangueros, sharing bathroom and kitchen.

  • It should not be forgotten that there are quite nice accommodations on the town’s outskirts (further than one kilometer from the main venues of the event), so please state if you would consider or even prefer those, regarding their location close to the nature and often high quality of the rooms. Please note that renting a bicycle is a very affordable option and that taxi can cost you up to 2-3 euros only.

  • Please bear in mind that we will give priority to those who register in clearly defined pairs and groups when arranging the accommodation. Furthermore, if you are planning the trip with the group of participants that will not spend exactly the same days at the camp, please register only provided that those participants that are staying longest are willing to pay the accommodation regardless the fact that their roommates/flatmates are leaving earlier (for those days the accommodation will be somewhat cheaper in the comparison with the price for the initial number of the accommodated, but some part of the fee for the accommodation of those that already left will still be required).

  • In case you don’t have a group and you don’t plan to be in a single bed room, we suggest that you try to find your roommates/flatmates for the tango camp through Facebook group. We will strive to create in order to accommodate those who register solo, but wish to be accommodated together with other people due to prices or any other reasons; however these are situations which can be very complex as everyone has their own dates of arrival and departure and sometimes it is not possible to make a good match.

You can register here.

 We are not organizing or mediating the Gradina campsite – for more info and booking a spot for your tent please contact them directly.

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