Tasty, fresh mountain bites!

We are working on the official restaurant details – more info soon!

Apart from the restaurant, within the high school location there will be a bar open exclusively for the tango camp participants. There you will find both food and drinks at very affordable prices. The choice of food is not fixed, but in any case you can count on a relatively wide selection of sandwiches.

The private accommodation is in most cases equipped with kitchen, so you can also organize your own food preparation.

Bigger field tours mean that we should either bring our own food or organize a barbecue. If you carry your own food, have in mind that in the mountains you can get really really really hungry, so please try not to underestimate your appetite – thus you will avoid asking others for food. 🙂 In case of a a barbecue, there will be previously organized money-gathering for groceries.

PLEASE TAKE CARE TO ALWAYS BRING ENOUGH WATER WITH YOU, as there is an important mountain principle of everyone taking care of their own water. We will always inform you what amount of water you should bring so that you have enough of it until the next source of water.

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