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Dear all,

First of all, we’d like to say that we are looking forward to another edition of tango Woodstock in the mountains!
This year’s edition will last from July 25 to August 11, including the whole day of August 11.

Many of us experienced this now well-known combination of hanging out, nature, tango and various adventures! 🙂 This year’s challenge might be the limited accommodation capacities of Kolašin (since the event takes place in the peak of the tourist season), as well as limited number of the spots at the event itself.

Thus, unlike at previous editions, whether you want our help in finding accommodation or you want to book it by yourself, REGISTRATION FOR THIS YEAR’S EDITION IS OBLIGATORY! We have a limited number of available places, which means that we will probably need to close the registration in the picks of the camp, in accordance with the last year’s experience. If you register later, i.e. the period that you registered for is already fully booked, we will most probably suggest a different period that is less crowded and is available for your registration.

The participation fee* for this year’s edition will be:

  • If you are staying 1-4 days – 6 € per day regular price / 3 € per day reduced price

  • If you are staying 5-7 days – 5 € per day regular price / 2.5 € per day reduced price

  • If you are staying 8 days or more – 4 € per day regular price / 2 € per day reduced price

Reduced price is valid for the youth under age of 26 and retirees.


*The daily fee includes all events for the day except for horseback riding, adventure park, cycling and spa. For some outdoor activities we will all chip in for expenses such as transportation expenses, ski-lift charge, national park entrance fee, etc.

**Whoever shows up without previous registration will be paying a significantly higher fee of 10 eur per day!

All who want our help in finding a cheaper accommodation need to register until June 25!
You can register here.
You can find all info regarding accommodation here.


Upon their arrival to Kolašin, all camp participants should sign in at the registration/info desk at the high school, in order to take care of their payment. By this we mean the number of days in which you will take part in the camp’s activities: when you come in the morning, sleep over and stay until the evening, we count this as two days. 🙂 After you tell us for how many days you’ve registered, we will sign you into the camp book, you will receive your “camp card” and pay your support to the event. In case you’ve shown up without previous registration, you will be asked to pay a higher participation of 10euros per day. Here you’ll also be able to ask about everything you’re interested in, both when you arrive and at any point during the camp. At this desk you will find the schedule of activities for the next 1 to 3 days as well as offers of local agencies which organize other activities.


A completely accurate schedule is not possible nor will it ever become possible as this is an event in the mountains which are strange and unpredictable, and unexpected wind or rain can turn the whole day around. 🙂 Last year’s detailed schedule can be found here.

In any case, along with various tango activities, there will be many other activities that Kolašin and its surroundings offer. All those who come to the camp, even for three days only, will have a chance to experience a truly broad range of activities. You are also welcome to just drop by for a day. 🙂

Also, as a less formal event, the Kolašin tango camp opens up a lot of possibilities for initiatives by all the participants which will contribute to an even more fun time. You can see us as organizers who will do our best to make you feel comfortable, but even more as coordinators of a big tango hangout. We’ll be happy to help with realization of your ideas, of course if the technical possibilities allow it. Let’s not forget that this is a highly affordable event with a rather modest budget, organized by people who do almost everything for the camp on a voluntary basis.

Here are the activities planned so far:

Tango activities:

Tango activities will be organized in three locations: the high school and the primary school. The schools are located on the 13. Jul street. All milongas, except for the ones in the open, will be held in the high school, while all other tango activities will be held across these three locations.

  1. Classes – the idea is for the classes to be organized mostly in the afternoons. The themes of the classes, names of the instructors and class levels will be announced 3 days in advance, on the bulletin board at the gymnasium. The classes will be held by instructors of Tango Natural, as well as the other instructors who are present in the camp at that moment.
    The frequency of the classes will depend on the current structure of the visitors and other activities which can be tiring – for instance, a daylong mountain climbing tour 🙂
    Seeing as we have more locations available for classes this year, we will improve the way we separate levels so that the classes are not overcrowded. 🙂

  2. Practicas – our goal is for the camp to have a high level of interaction and exchange of knowledge so that all those present take back home with them some wonderful memories and lots of new knowledge. A large part of the practicas will either be guided or monitored by instructors. Practicas will frequently turn into daily milongas, especially if they are being organized in the first half of the day in the gymnasium. So, some activities will be strictly announced, while some will be coordinated based on the number of people and general level of energy.

  3. Milongas – Due to the large number of visitors we had milongas every evening last year. Because of large numbers, it’s evident this year will not be different. The music at the milongas will be played by DJs who are currently in the camp. Their names will be announced 1-3 days in advance.
    You can also count on milongas in the open! Milongas in the square to the performance of the Tanguango orchestra as well as milongas in the garden of the “Kolašin 1450” Ski center are something we can guarantee! 🙂

  4. Video projections and discussions – just like last year, we will organize video projections on the subject of Argentine tango relatively frequently. This includes both video clips of performances and other content related to tango culture, with commentary by the clip curators, as well as movies with a tango thematic.

  5. Tango karaoke! Previous editions of this program showed us that all future iterations of the camp must contain something so fun. Follow the Facebook page of the event, check out the list of tango karaoke we’ve found and prepare for a great time! 🙂


Apart from this we will also try to organize gatherings in a relaxed atmosphere – talks in which the more experienced tangueros can share their experience and knowledge related to tango as a culture and a dance.

We emphasize that there is a possibility that the aforementioned locations will not be open at all times and available for dancing in situations when we estimate that too few people have the strength and will to dance 🙂 – for instance, if all participants were in a intensive mountain tour or if we stayed up dancing until a very late hour the previous night. Still, having in mind the number of people who have registered, most of the time you can count on the possibility of using the mentioned locations for dance, even when a big number of people wishes to do some other activities elsewhere.

Other activities:

We can divide the other activities into those coordinated and prepared by us and those which we can recommend for you which are organized by some of the local tourist agencies that offer an extremely broad range of activities such as rafting in the Tara river, different tours (some of which are incredibly exciting, such as the visit to the canyon Nevidio), jeep safari etc.

Activities within the camp which will be coordinated by the organizer:

      1. Different activities focused on working on oneself, such as anti-stress and relax programs, and other activities focused on working on the body, personal expression etc. As was the case last year, we will have daily yoga classes. All the mentioned activities are free, i.e. they are included in what you pay in the previously mentioned contribution. Some other activities such as contemporary ballet, contact improvisation and similar may also be realized.

      2. Like last year we will have workshops of the Argentinian folklore dance Chacarera which will be held by Paula Milonguera. For the first time in Kolašin, Paula will teach us Argentine Zamba.

      3. Educational tours – at the moment this means visits to the botanical garden of Kolašin, as well as botanical tours through which you can find out more about the flora of Kolašin. The entrance fee into the botanical garden is a symbolic 1 euro. Apart from these, we also plan to organize one or more visits to the Morača endowment of Stefan Nemanja which was built in XIII century.

      4. Horseback riding – there are options of renting horses for an hour or two of riding in the hills nearby, as well as a possibility of organizing day-long tours through the mountains which surround Kolašin. This activity is paid based on the number of horses and the possible hiring of a guide/instructor. In any case, the prices will be significantly cheaper from the regular ones for this type of activities. These activities also depend on the number of horses available at the moment. Signing up for horseback riding is done one or two days beforehand.

      5. Rock climbing – Very close to Kolašin there is a number of pitches (natural rock formations for climbing). We have people who are experts in this activity, as well as the necessary equipment. A bit of your adventurous spirit is needed 🙂 This activity is free. Signing up necessary one or two days in advance.

      6. Cycling – The Tourist Organization of Kolašin will provide us with a large number of bikes for an extremely affordable price. The arrangement is that upon taking the bike one leaves 50 cents in the piggy bank 🙂 for a ride that will last for up to an hour, while for an entire day of bike riding 1 euro is enough! Some of the organizers cam join the group and suggest some interesting route if the need arises.

      7. Smaller mountain tours and field trips (picnics) – Kolašin is a small town surrounded by numerous mountains and hills. At any point you can decide to go for a shorter or longer visit to the surroundings of Kolašin. In any case, we will occasionally organize shorter, half-day tours and field trips. These activities often take place after a relaxation class in nature, where we simply continue for a walk. Even though a part of the initiators of this event do not eat meat, we will have to satisfy the traditional craving for barbecue 🙂 in both the half-day and day-long activities. In these cases, most often a part of the camp participants will stay in Kolašin and dance or take part in other activities, while others enjoy the walk.

      8. Bigger mountain tours – these activities can be dismantled into smaller pieces 🙂 Oftentimes one part of those participating in the tour will at some point make camp and enjoy the nature, food and socializing, while others will proceed to some mountain summit or some other more distant destination. Last year’s field trips to the national park Biogradska Gora, visit to Bjelasica mountain (i.e. Pesica lake) and Komovi mountain have left unforgettable impressions on all who took part. This year we are planning a bigger number of those activities, as well as new destinations. These activities include certain additional expenses related to transport, food – if barbecue is organized, and possible daily fee for the guide if he/she is needed.

If you play a musical instrument, have a telescope (this is because of last year’s educational session which lasted until late into the night 🙂 ) or anything similar which can contribute to abundance of activities, please do not hesitate to contribute. So far, we have bow and arrow activities planned out.


You know what is necessary for tango. 🙂 Nights in Kolašin can be quite cool (temperature can fall down to 5 degrees Celsius, most often to 13-14, sometimes even warmer), even though the temperature during the day can go over 30 degrees. It is good to take this into account. Also, some days can be colder because the mountain weather is occasionally unstable. Last year we had a very sunny camp and we hope for the same this year. If rain falls or it gets cold, we will dance more in a very closed embrace. 🙂

Also, field trips and mountain tours require appropriate clothing and footwear. The majority of all tours can be done in regular sneakers, but one part of the action includes possibilities of climbing to mountain summits and crossing demanding terrain, so it’s necessary to have adequate mountain hiking or similar footwear. We cannot allow those who do not have adequate footwear to join a group which is climbing a more demanding mountain summit! Of course, these activities are optional. For instance, a part of those on the field trip can stay and relax next to a tree and/or barbecue 🙂 while the others will proceed to a mountain summit. It is recommended that you take layers of clothes so that you can adjust yourself to the temperature. Also, you should take, for example, several t-shirts, as during mountain climbing people tend to sweat a lot and it is good to change clothes.


Within the gymnasium there will be a bar open exclusively to the tango camp. You will find both food and drinks there at very affordable prices. You can count on a relatively wide selection of sandwiches. Most, if not all accommodation has a kitchen so you can also organize your own food preparation. Bigger tours have the options of either taking your own food with you or making barbecue. In the case of barbecue, there will be previously organized money-gathering so that all the necessary groceries and ingredients are bought at the same time. If you carry your own food, have in mind that in the mountain you can become veeeery hungry, so take care not to underestimate yourself and start begging for food from others 🙂

PLEASE TAKE CARE TO ALWAYS BRING ENOUGH WATER WITH YOU, as there is an important mountain principle of everyone taking care of their own water. We will inform you how much water you should take so that you will have enough of it until the next source of water.

For all additional information you can write to us on: tangonaturalmontenegro@gmail.com

or ask questions in the Facebook event
or at the Facebook group dedicated to the event

Let’s embrace (in) the mountains!


TN Team

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